Loopy catches up with Vic from 'The Culture Crawler'


Feeling Loopy!

London girls Georgia and Millie have been best friends since school; they both love fashion, getting inventive and designing their own funky accessories. They would spend time in the school holidays making necklaces, earrings, headbands. Struggling to find quirky, well-made accessories at an affordable price, the girls seized the gap in the market and started making and selling their own, establishing Loopy London in 2018. The company grew through social media platforms Instagram, Depop and Facebook, before taking their sales base to a website.


What is Loopy?

Loopy London is a student-run fashion brand selling bespoke, handmade earrings. Durham student Georgia and Edinburgh student Millie run the business in these cities during term time, and join forces in London during the holidays. The brand is quickly expanding elsewhere in the UK and worldwide. The girls make funky, personalised hoop earrings at a reasonable price for Loopy Ladies; the fun and colourful accessories are perfect for brightening up any outfit. The earrings are handcrafted by the two girls, they do not outsource or have any help. The duo takes it in turns to process online sales, share the management, finances and marketing of the company.

Inspired by anything a bit funky and different, the brand was given the name ‘Loopy’, also playing into the signature loopy hoop earring design. All designs are original and creatively chosen. Millie’s artistic background – she completed an art foundation course in London and currently studies Textile Design – has given the brand a further creative dimension.

What are the signature products?

Anything with the original loopy hoop design is a firm favourite, such as the pink and orange wrap designs in the Loopy logo. Georgia’s favourite design is the brand-new flutter range, while Millie loves the wool wrap designs. A clientele aimed at school and university girls, the expansion of the company to a website has spread the ‘loopy love’ further and wider, creating a more diverse client base.

The business has grown quickly since its establishment just over a year ago. Shifting sales from Instagram to a website saw a sharp increase in sales, which the girls said was very exciting. They have moved from selling only to friends to international buyers. They have sent parcels to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada and even Australia!. In recent news, Loopy is soon to be stocked in Barbados at the One Eleven Beach Bar – it truly has gone international!

Friends and family of the girls model the jazzy accessories, as advertised on Instagram.  A key motivation for Georgia and Millie to continue growing the Loopy trend is seeing people’s day brightened by their unique and colourful handmade accessories.  The girls explained they love to model their products themselves, especially at all the recent twenty-first birthday parties!

Watch this space…

Loopy’s Calendar for the upcoming year looks busy and exciting.  The girls will host various events, spreading the Loopy Love wherever they can.  Plans have been made to collaborate with other student-led brands, including a Christmas Sale in Durham and getting involved with the Durham College Fashion Shows.  Look out for the Deliveroo Loopy Dinner Party in Edinburgh.  The girls will be working alongside DUCFS, the biggest student-led charity fundraiser in the UK, which helps to raise awareness about sustainable fashion through supporting local business, and taking a stance against fast-fashion brands.

The quirky brand is growing and developing; watch this space for the launch of new products on the website – headbands, socks, new earring ranges. Keep a look out on Instagram @loopy_london for exciting updates, giveaways and sample sales!

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